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Benefit from a Relaxing Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner Session

JIN SHIN JYUTSU® practitioners are trained to assess the needs of the client using two methods, “Oriental Pulse Listening” and “Body Reading.”  We use these tools at the beginning, sometimes during, and after a session to make assessments and determine changes we may make to the session or recommendations. 

Oriental Pulse Listening tells us the overall condition of the body by feeling the radial pulses of the client by simultaneously using three fingers of each hand on the client’s wrists. It can tell us overloads, and deficiencies in the body, and what it needs. It may provide a possible action plan for the client.

Body reading (observing the characteristics and texture of the body) can indicate life’s wounds, traumas, and lifestyle issues manifested in the body. What a child has experienced early on may be observed in the body years later,  a raised shoulder, depressions in, or torques to the body, leg or feet, back tension, a finger or elbow that won’t straighten are just a few examples

During a session with a practitioner, the recipient remains fully clothed, lying face-up on a massage table with shoes, jewelry, and eyewear removed while the practitioner applies a gentle noninvasive touch using fingers and hands over the clothed body. Fingers and hands are applied to key areas of the body known as Safety Energy Locks (fuses in the body) in a defined sequence known as a flow or function energy flow. Many different flows are available to the practitioner based upon the results of the physical inspection and pulse listening of the body. 

As the work progresses the client relaxes further and may experience subtle internal sensations as the body’s natural energy flow is restored permitting the body’s natural healing ability to begin to work.

A practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu is not the “do-er,” he or she simply assists the flow of an infinite supply of universal energy. This process does not affect the practitioner’s energy supply.

It is suggested that recipients wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing, eat lightly or fast before a session.

You can expect to experience a high degree of relaxation during and the session, and for some time afterward.   


Lily Liversidge (Lily Stevenin) LVN MBA

Lily is originally from New York and a highly knowledgeable, skilled Certified Practitioner of JIN SHIN JYUTSU®, with many years of practical experience – since 2005.

  • Before moving to California she had a successful Jin Shin  Jyutsu practice in New York.  
  • Lily works as a full-time Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) and uses The Art daily in her work as a nurse with her patients both inside and outside the nursing facility where she works.

  • Her passion is observing and studying the Mind-body connection.

  • Lily became acquainted with JIN SHIN JYUTSU® through Morristown Hospital in New Jersey Center’s Mind-Body Integration Center and was inspired to achieve certification in this compassionate healing art.

  • Through her research and study, she has helped many patients create a wellness plan, turning health problems into projects.

  • Lily is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Authorized Self-Help Instructor teaching Self-Help from Mary Burmeister’s material.

  • Lily Stevenin is also a talented and much sought after Tarot Card reader and medical intuitive operating as Visionary Tarot.
  • Lily Liversidge (Stevenin) is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

  • Lily can make hospital visits.

  • You can reach Lily at 917-763-8356

Steven Grundy
    • Steven is originally from the United Kingdom and is a highly talented “Authorized Practitioner of JIN SHIN JYUTSU®. He discovered the Art in the San Francisco Bay Area as a result of a serious illness.
    • As a relative newcomer to JIN SHIN JYUTSU® since 2016, Steven is passionately dedicated to the Art.
    • Steven is a Reiki Master in Traditional Japanese style, called Usui Reiki Ryoho, Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method a non-Westernized form of Reiki which attempts to return to the very source of Usui Mikao’s teachings. These earlier teachings consider the Reiki system not just to be a hands-on-healing practice but one that also focuses on the student’s spiritual path.
    • Steven works in the technology field while building a JSJ practice, and is a member of several international philanthropic organizations and religious groups.
    • While specializing in Jin Shin Jyutsu with humans Steven has considerable JSJ experience working with animals. As an experienced horse handler, he has performed both Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki on horses and Jin Shin Jyutsu on dogs.
    • Steven enjoys learning, practicing, and sharing the art and educating others in its finer points.
    • Steven’s Instructors have included; Anita Willoughby, Carlos Gutterres, Cynthia Broshi, Chus Arias MD, Iole Lebensztajn MD,  Jed Schwartz, Jill Marie Pasquinelli, Muriel Carlton, Petra Elmendorff, Sara Harper, Wayne Hackett.
  • Steven is always a student sometimes a teacher.
  • You can reach Steven at 408-890-6602,
  • Medical Disclaimer

    The information provided on this website is provided for educational purposes about Jin Shin Jyutsu and does not constitute the practice of medicine or create a patient-client relationship. If you have medical problems, issues, projects, or concerns, contact a physician or your medical provider who will determine a course of action or treatment. Do not delay seeking medical advice because of something you read here. If you use advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations as published on this site and incur injury, we will not be held responsible.

    If you are having a medical emergency contact your local emergency services.
    In the United States dial 911.
    In the United Kingdom dial 999.

    On the advice of Legal Counsel, we added this disclaimer.


    It is an alternative approach to wellness or energy healing  or holistic healing, its non-invasive and completely safe. It is pronounced “GIN SHIN JIT-SUE”

    Even if you are feeling fine it is still possible to feel better. Maybe you would like to experience your optimal level of being?

    “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

    Regular practitioner sessions are approximately an hour in duration. First sessions will last approximately one and a half hours and include a discussion and assessment, treatment and self- help suggestions. For serious conditions two sessions may be applied per day spacing eight hours apart for 10 days – that will see a major shift. Self-Help sessions can be applied multiple times per day with no time limit. 

    That really depends on the individual and their specific needs, some may decide to attend monthly or weekly or may discover that a single session may fully address their needs. For more serious conditions multiple treatments twice a day for ten days will see a shift in the condition. Some  people may find that one session combined with self help may eliminate symptoms and the cause. Please call to discuss your requirements. 

    Session prices may vary depending on the number and frequency of sessions required. Special pricing packages are available.  Your can rest assured that sessions are very reasonable. Please call to discuss your requirements.

    Sadly insurance does not cover this service at this time.    

    A SEL is a key location in the body on a major energy channel that acts as an energetic fuse. If a SEL closes, energy can stagnate or reverse its direction and create disharmony. To open a SEL you simply hold it lightly with your fingers or work with corresponding SELs to enable it to open. We  continue to hold it until it opens and sometimes that can take a long time. There are 26 Safety Locks on the right side of the body and matching set on the other side or 26 pairs in total.  SELs form the foundation for both practitioner flows and self help work.

    As its name suggests this is work performed by oneself as opposed to or in addition to a visit and session with a practitioner. Self-Help can be performed by holding fingers, thumbs and mudras  and assists in the healing and restorative process.

    Firstly let me say everyone responds differently, some immediately and others such as in my case may respond in a few minutes. The effects of a session generally last about eight hours after which the body’s natural energy patterns should resume. For the best long-lasting effects practice Self-Help to continue to support the body after a practitioner session.

    How about one word from each of us: Lily says “Relaxing.” Steven says “Life-changing. We are always interested in listening and hearing about your experiences with Jin Shin Jyutsu – Let us know. Some of the words I’ve heard from clients are, “Wow,” and “Zen.”

    Give a call to either of our numbers 917 763 8356 or 408 890-6602 to discuss further and book an appointment. Sometimes we can schedule on very short notice.

    Oh yes, Steven has a presentation illustrating some 50 different types of energy healing and one dedicated exclusively to Jin Shin Jyutsu.

    Clients seek Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment for a variety of conditions including; allergies. shoulder neck  hip leg and back pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines , fibromyalgia, hypertension, stress, anxiety, grief, depression, insomnia nausea, fatigue, ulcers, PMS, fibroids, cancer, acne, TMJ, arthritis, infertility, constipation, side effects from prescribed medication and many others. Jin Shin Jyutsu can also benefit the respiratory system, circulation, digestion, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, blood disorders menopause, pregnancy, immune system, concentration and memory issues to name a few.

    Yes, we have been known to perform Jin Shin Jyutsu in hospitals. Please call to schedule an appointment.

    Yes, we work with both children and frail adults. When working with them we reduce the session time to maybe 20-30 minutes. When working with children we require a parent or guardian present.

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